Aberdare Taxis

Get to where you need to go

Need a local pick up? Or private hire to the airport? Need a number? Why not leave to review or share a listing with a friend? 

Airport Transfer

If its Cardiff or Bristol it's a no brainier and you might even be surprised by Heathrow terminal charges.


Executive travel isn't just for Lord Sugar, so if you've got a trip to the city or corporate event, arrive in style.

Night Out

Whether a wedding, party, stag or hen, share a cab and make the most of the night.


All those groceries and shoe boxes aren't going to walk themselves back.


Taxi Licence?

Interested in being your own boss. Then you need to get a license find out more on RCT's permit page.

Travel Info

Check out up to date travel info, unfortunately not from us yet, but from the AA.

Places to visit

Go into the places only locals are familiar with. Visit little known hideouts and avenues that open the mind into what being a local is all about.

10 Reasons to use a taxi around Aberdare



Taking a Taxi isn’t often seem like the value option but compared with owning a car or travelling on public transport in groups or as a family, and you might be surprised how it adds up. The best example is Airport dropoffs due to the cost of parking in an airport for a week.




In a licensed taxi you can rest assured you’re going to get home safely especially at night.




If you don’t like a chat, then travel in peace and wholly without worries of someone sitting next to you.




Who doesn’t like a chat? Taxi drivers have their fingers on the pulse and can answer a host of local questions


Night Out


No designated drivers required. So make sure your night ends well.


No Stress


You don’t have to worry about directions, parking or road rage. Arrive for your flight, interview or business event prepared not flustered.




Though not all taxis are limos, they are clean and comfortable with plenty of room for you, your family and luggage.


Door to door


Though taxis are still governed by the highway code the same as a bus, they are not limited by a daily schedule, and you don’t have to walk half a mile to get on.


A big boot


Whether luggage or shopping a taxi makes sense


Rain or shine


No waiting around in unpredictable Welsh weather

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